Chocolate Celebration Cake

I sort of amalgamated three recipes for this Chocolate Celebration Cake.

The look and design I stole from Lorraine Pascale’s ‘I Can’t Believe You Made That’ cake, for the sponge I have used a trusty BBC GoodFood recipe, and the filling and icing I have perfected (to my taste at least) over the years after many different attempts.

chocolate celebration cake

This cake was made for birthdays. Make sure you at least have an event where lots of people are attending if you plan to make this… Mainly to ensure that you have to share it. That way you don’t end up eating it all (more than temping enough to do) and giving yourself a coronary, but you also get to show of your creation at the same time (win!).

chocolate celebration cake

This bake is definitely a crowd pleaser and it’s a fantastic way to cut personalised slices too- one finger or four?

My filling is a simple chocolate buttercream. :

250g of Icing Sugar
100g of good quality Milk Chocolate
50g Butter

Melt the chocolate over a bain-marie. Once it is completely melted and smooth, leave to cool slightly on the side. Beat together the butter and icing sugar. Slowly add in the melted chocolate until your mixture smooths out completely. Use this as the filling to sandwich layers together.

The chocolate icing requires:

400g of Chocolate (I normally use half Milk Chocolate, half Dark Chocolate, but it depends on individual taste)
200g of Double Cream
50g of Butter

Melt the chocolate and butter over a bain-marie and once it is completely melted, take off the heat. Pour in the double cream and whisk until the mixture becomes glossy and starts to thicken.Β Plonk the whole lot on top of the little cake tower and use a spatula to smooth the mixture down the sides along the top. I went with a cheaper alternative to Lorraines cigarillo’s- the chocolate finger. Fix them along the outside of the cake, and secure with ribbon. As the icing dries, the chocolate fingers will be fixed rigidly in place.


12 Comments on “Chocolate Celebration Cake

    • Thank you! It’s def worth a crack- is a real crowd pleaser. Loving that I have found a fellow chocolate/food lover!


  1. Oh my god. This looks like heaven right now. I love, love, love the decoration around the side! i saw a version with kit kats all around the side, but this looks even classier πŸ™‚


    • Your do sweet. Thank you. It’s meant to be made with chocolate curls but I find them so hard to come by, and a little expensive. These work just as well, and makes the cake that little more indulgent. Xxxx


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  3. Urm…what can I say other than…..OH MY GOSH….this looks insane!!! I am a total chocoholic and this looks absolutely divine πŸ™‚


    • Thanks! It totally is a killer though. Make sure there’s loads of people on hand to help you with it if you make it!


      • Really….I have to share??? LOL. Ok then, if i must…i must πŸ™‚


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